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Welcome to our L’azurde online newsletter! Enjoy the latest news about L’azurde and the world of jewelry and get to know more about current jewelry trends. We are looking forward to your valuable comments and suggestions.
Launch of the Bridal Collection
Aiming to cater for various styles of bride, L’azurde launched its new Summer 2013 Bridal Collection in June. The Bridal Collection offers women a wide selection of gold jewelry pieces that will give them the most striking and mesmerizing look and add elegance and luxury to their appearance on this most important day of their lives. To take a look at this special Collection, please visit http://tiny.cc/qswy5w
The official L’azurde branch opening at Avenues Mall
On the 3rd October, L’azurde celebrated its official store opening in Kuwait’s renowned Avenues Mall. Honored by the presence of the famous Lebanese star Cyrine Abdelnour, the opening was witnessed by a vast crowd and displayed the latest L’azurde jewelry collections. On the first day of the opening, we held a press conference where the L’azurde CEO, Mr Sélim Chidiac, and Cyrine Abdelnour each delivered a speech. On the second day, L’azurde handed out valuable gifts to visitors who enjoyed their first glance of the beautiful and distinguished collections. In addition, fans of the Lebanese star got the chance to meet her, take pictures with her and get a signed DVD copy of her latest video clip. The event was also promoted on the L’azurde website and through social networks and press releases.
Inspirational women
L’azurde is proud of Arab women and their countless achievements and successes. In an effort to meet their needs with a wide range of beautiful jewelry designs, L’azurde continuously creates jewelry that reflects the taste of the Arab woman. Honored as the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest, Raha Muharrak represents not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the Arab world as a whole. We welcomed Raha at our L’azurde branch in Olaya Street, Riyadh, and presented her with a bracelet from one of our many collections in recognition of her outstanding accomplishment. As a symbolic gesture, Raha presented L’azurde with a stone, as a souvenir from the Mount Everest, that we displayed for one month in our showroom for our customers to see. In line with Raha’s visit, we launched a Facebook competition that asked participants to visit the Olaya or Al-Andalus branch, where the stone was alternately on display, and take a picture with it.
Launch of the Miki Pearls and Inogems Collections during Eid

Knowing the significance of your unique appearance during the Eid holiday, L’azurde partnered with internationally renowned companies in order to offer its customers the latest in the world of jewelry. We launched a campaign to announce the release of the international Miki Pearls and Inogems Collections on the occasion of Eid Al Adha. While the shining Inogems Collection with its striking gemstones stands for precision and innovation that gives every woman an outstanding and beautiful look, the

Miki Pearls Collection combines styles from ancient Rome with modern and innovative designs. Both Collections offer a unique variety of pendants, earrings, necklaces and gold rings using high-quality pearls that will match every outfit no matter what the occasion. The campaign was launched on L’azurde’s website, social networks, press ads and more. To take a look at these unique Collections, please visit:
http://tiny.cc/buwy5w for the Miki Pearls Collection
and http://tiny.cc/1uwy5w for the Inogems Collection.
Seasonal jewelry
Every year, fashion designers look for inspiration for their collections. Their aim is to create pieces of art that stand out with unique designs and fabrics. The same goes for jewelry designers. They look for unique sources of inspiration in order to offer their customers the best and the latest. And when they design seasonal jewelry, they use unconventional materials to create outstanding pieces that become part of every woman’s jewelry.
Your wedding jewelry mirrors your style
Every bride aspires to be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day. Her choice of jewelry makes her stand out and reflects her style and personality. Simple jewelry, for example, reflects a calm personality that tends to choose elegant designs to showcase her classical style and taste. However, innovative and colorful jewelry represents confident women who tend to choose western designs that stand out with their precision and high-quality craftsmanship to reflect her nature and taste. Whatever a bride’s taste in fashion may be, her choice of jewelry plays a vital role and will make her wedding unforgettable.