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Welcome to our L’azurde online newsletter! Enjoy the latest news about L’azurde and the world of jewelry and get to know more about jewelry trends and other exciting topics. Please feel free to give feedback. We are looking forward to your valuable comments and suggestions.
2013 Brand Campaign
The Arab woman is truly unique. She not only stands out with her glamorous appearance, vibrant colors and amazing style but also with her distinctive taste. Her passion, love and devotion reflect both her inner and outer beauty.
This is the theme of our 2013 Brand Campaign. For L’azurde the Arab woman is a true inspiration and the reason behind every creation. She is a muse. To show our appreciation for her, L’azurde creates jewelry that underlines her beautiful characteristics. Whether it’s diamond or gold jewelry, every piece is designed to cherish the Arab woman and bring out her beauty. We launched a corresponding Brand Campaign that uses poetry to express the true beauty of the Arab woman and focuses on her as a true source of inspiration for all our creations. The campaign video on YouTube attracted more than 1 million views, reflecting our belief that L’azurde jewelry enables every woman to “Shine with her jewels” both from the inside and the outside. To watch the TVC, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWdIk8CrXGg

Furthermore, the campaign was launched with a variety of online, print and point-of-sale material.

Cyrine Abdelnour
The famous Lebanese star Cyrine Abdelnour chose to wear L’azurde jewelry in her latest video clip “Habaybi”.

Shot in Santorini, Greece, the clip shows mesmerizing scenes of Cyrine Abdelnour in a wedding dress and tells a romantic story in an atmosphere filled with joy and elegance.
Because a wedding dress is not complete without jewelry that emphasizes the beauty of a bride, the celebrity decided to wear L’azurde jewelry in her clip to add elegant touches to her appearance. Various gold jewelry pieces from both the Symphony and Dentelle Collections, as well as L’azurde diamond pieces are seen on the star during her video clip.
Cyrine spoke about her choice of L’azurde

jewelry by saying: “As an artist I always aim to have a sophisticated, elegant and perfect appearance. I also always look for uniqueness in the jewelry that I wear. That’s why I am satisfied to wear L’azurde designs that reflect my personality and femininity and highlight my features at all times and at every occasion”.

Marwa Saleh, L’azurde Group Marketing Manager, emphasized that she is very pleased about L’azurde’s partnership with Cyrine Abdelnour: “Cyrine is more than a beautiful face. She is a role model as a celebrity, wife and mother. Besides, she was among the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2012, which makes her the perfect choice for a partnership.”

Now Open
In an effort to be close to our customers wherever they are, we recently opened various new branches:

After undergoing extensive renovation, our store in Al Andalus Mall in Riyadh was reopened. In addition, we opened a new L’azurde branch in Kuwait’s Avenues Mall.
Among various others, our store in the Emporium Mall in Abu Dhabi is going to open soon.

If you would like to stay up-to-date on our new store openings, kindly visit our website

Launch of
in Egypt
For the first time in the Egyptian market, we offer our L’azurde Diamonds range to enable all our customers to enjoy diamond beauty, magnificence and glamor‫.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
In addition to our L’azurde gold jewelry, our customers in Egypt can now enjoy our diamond pieces at various jewelry retailers located in Cairo, Assyut, Al Fayoum, Zagazeeg, Mansoura, Alexandria and many other cities.
To view a complete list of our authorized dealers, please visit www.lazurde.com
The L’azurde Guarantee
Diamonds reflect feelings that words fail to express. That’s why women understand the meaning behind every piece. Diamonds are considered the closest thing to a woman’s heart. Since diamonds are also the most precious stones, you should pay close attention to the 4 C’s when choosing them.
These are the diamond cut, clarity, color (which stands for the diamond quality), and carat weight. As more and more fake diamonds are circulating, it becomes
difficult to distinguish them from genuine ones.

That’s why L’azurde Egypt offers a warranty card and branded packaging with every piece it sells to assure you of the quality and specifications of its pieces. So always insist on getting a guarantee for the jewelry you are buying at any jewelry store.

L’azurde Exchange Policy
L’azurde recently launched its Exchange Policy for Saudi Arabia. It covers the after-sales services of gold and diamond products.

Gold Jewelry Exchange Policy:
An exchange will be made after the deduction of: charges, stone weight, and 1 SR/gram from the current global gold price – regardless of the purchasing date.

Diamond Jewelry Exchange Policy:
1. Within 15 days of the purchasing date: The item can be exchanged with another item of at least a 5% higher value than the old one based on the evaluation, using the same original invoice.

2. 15 days and up to 1 year after the purchasing date:
The item can be exchanged by deducting 20% from the original purchasing price.
The refunded cash will be 25% less than the original purchasing price.

3. 1 year and up to 2 years after the purchasing date: The item can be exchanged by deducting 25% from the original purchasing price.
The refunded cash will be 30% less than the original purchasing price.

4. 2 years after the purchasing date: The item can be exchanged by deducting 40% from the original purchasing price.
The refunded cash will be 45% less than the original purchasing price.

The world’s biggest diamond
In 1905, the world’s biggest diamond was discovered in the Premier Mine in Pretoria, South Africa. The 3,106-carat diamond was named the “Cullinan” after mine owner Sir Thomas Cullinan. With its 1.33 pounds, this precious gem was at the time the largest rough diamond ever found. In 1908, the Cullinan was then cut into about 100 pieces, resulting in nine large diamonds and many smaller stones. The largest piece, called “Cullinan I” or “Star of Africa I,” is 530 carats and is mounted in the British Sovereign’s Royal Scepter, on display in the Tower of London. The second-largest stone — “Cullinan II” or “Star of Africa II” — is 317 carats and sits in another crown jewel, the Imperial State Crown. These two diamonds still rank among the top five largest cut diamonds.