The new exchange policy for Saudi Arabia 23 July 2013

Riyadh June 18, 2013: L’Azurde, the world’s leading gold and diamond group, unveiled its new diamond exchange policy as a result of their continuing efforts to meet the needs of their customers. Launched in March of this year, this new policy allows the exchange of L’Azurde diamonds and the purchase of gold jewelry that holds the L’Azurde seal.

L’Azurde showrooms will provide customers the freedom of choice between exchanging their diamonds with others or retrieving their diamonds value after being evaluated, based on specific factors, by a group of L’Azurde specialists. The client will be able to exchange diamond jewelry from L’Azurde even after two years from its purchase, as well as be able to retrieve the value of the jewelry in cash according to the applied exchange policy and after sales services in all L’Azurde showrooms inside and outside the Kingdom.

With regards to gold, client’s wishing to sell gold pieces and take alternative others, will be offered help in choosing new pieces after deduction of cost which includes: manufacturing costs, gems weight, and the deduction of one riyal for each gram of the international gold price.

Ayman Al Haffar, General Executive Manager of L’Azurde Group, comments ”We have always made sure in L’Azurde Group to take care of our clients and strengthen their trust in us by offering services such as the exchange service for the jewelry that holds the L’Azurde seal to ensure them the availability of value by our commitment to preserve the value of our products and the rights of our clients on the long run, and to save them time through our chain of showrooms that provides this service which is spread throughout the kingdom”.