L’azurde innovates in the world of gold and jewelry in its Fall and Winter 2012 collection 16 October 2012

Riyadh, 16th October, 2012: L’azurde group announced the launch of its new collections today at a press conference held at Four Seasons hotel in the Kingdom’s capital Riyadh. The launch included an exclusive viewing of the four spectacular collections for Fall/Winter 2012 to media and business people.

The new 18 and 21 carats pieces in the stunning collections carry non-traditional designs that resemble international styles, albeit with an oriental touch. Is introducing innovative pieces of sets, bracelets and rings produced using the company latest technologies in the jewelry industry. Stemming from this collection, L’azurde has excelled in embodying designs that have superior craftsmanship and are beautiful at the same time. These collections rival the latest international fashion trends and are set to suit every woman’s aspirations. L’azurde has transformed gold from a precious metal into unique pieces that holds a woman’s greatest memories and reflects amazing emotions, becoming an essential part of a woman’s life and a gift expressing meaning of love, happiness and loyalty.

Commenting on this event, Selim Chidiac, Chief Executive Officer of L’azurde says “L’azurde uses the latest technologies in gold craftsmanship to achieve a feel of luxury and sophistication to the designs while maintain a light weight so that the collection is accessible to everyone, in particular to the youth who desire an engagement ring and bride’s jewelry.

Mr. Chidiac adds “Today L’azurde has become an international brand, noted for its creative designs and product quality. All these great achievements are attributed to innovative technology, excellent craftsmanship, great creative energies, in addition to the high level of research and development adopted by the company with the help of the latest global technologies. One of these technologies is the new “Electroforming” method which allows the production of beautiful 3 dimensional pieces with a very light weight. Apart from Electroforming, L’azurde utilizes “WS” and “Caption methods”, two leading edge technologies used by only few companies in the world.

From his end, Ayman Al Haffar, Executive General Manager of L’azurde announced “L’azurde has decided the launch 4 collections in the 4th quarter of the year. The collections were inspired from the romance and beauty of fall and winter. The first collection is “Symphony” which has been available since the beginning of this month, and is a collection encompassing the most beautiful designs and the latest creations to perfectly suit special occasions. The second is “Galaxy” which will be released in November; this collection is geared toward soirees and is distinguished by its attractiveness, delicateness and beauty. The third is “Lailaty” the collection for weddings and the fourth collection is for girls and younger women. L’azurde collaborates with the most famous and well known jewelry designers around the world and with the most luxurious jewelry design houses in Italy and Turkey in order to arrive with the most stunning designs using the highest international standards.

L’azurde has a great presence in the Arab world, and over the last few years has been awarded numerous prizes such as the Global Quality Prize in Paris, France for its gold and jewelry products, and the Technological Innovation Award in Italy and the King Abdulaziz Award for the Model Factory.

Today, with 2500 employees, L’azurde aims to excel in design, manufacturing, marketing and selling the most elegant jewelry in the region. L’azurde has always been distinguished with the highest standards of quality and handmade items and gold purity. It is the only company in the Middle East and North Africa to carry the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) which represents the best standards for gold refining and purity. Today, the company has excellent governance and deep roots in history making it deeply aware of the tastes and the demands of its clientele in the region through its shareholder structure with Invest Corp (Bahrain), Mr. Abdulaziz Al Othaim, Eastjet capital group (Dubai) and the National Investor (Abu Dhabi).