L’azurde redefines the world of jewelry 01 January 2011

L’azurde redefines the world of jewelry

L’azurde, a prominent name in the gold and jewelry industry, has successfully climbed to the summit of beauty and glamour throughout a journey of more than 30 years.
Through its unique designs, L’azurde was able to claim its own world of utmost originality and elegance, and has become a recognized international brand. Today, L’azurde enjoys the trust and loyalty of its clientele who constantly look forward to an exclusive experience at one of the most luxurious jewelry houses in the Middle East and North Africa

With an impeccable vision of advancement in gold and jewelry crafting, L’azurde aims at pursuing its leadership by expanding the industry’s horizon in the near future. A range of magnificent jewelry creations and enchanting collections are being developed using highly sophisticated international techniques (Electroforming, Laser Cut, CNC, Electro visioning) at the hands of very skillful and talented experts in the jewelry industry. In line with its culture of continuous innovation based on international standards, L’azurde regularly invests in research and development in order to uncover and utilize the latest international techniques. The company has furthered its investment in research and development, prepared new creations, updated its marketing strategy in order to enrich the 2012 jewelry shopping experience for consumers, making it as unforgettable as possible, and positioning L’azurde as a jewelry brand like no other. L’azurde has won several creative and technology awards over the past few years and looks forward to obtain more in the future.

L’azurde has recently announced its new partnerships with JWT, the international communication and advertising agency, and Starcom, the well-known media company in the Middle East. JWT will be formulating new marketing strategies and creating L’azurde’s 2012 advertising campaign, while Starcom will stream the campaign through the most effective media channels.

In light of this development, Mr. Selim Chidiac, CEO of L’azurde stated: “The updated marketing strategy is a step that has risen in line with market developments and as part of our bold vision to continue leading the industry and winning the consumers through great designs, technology, and innovative marketing. We look forward to further developing the brand image and consumer experience with the contributions and innovations from JWT and Starcom.”

L’azurde has selected the world-recognized agency JWT because of its various achievements and the thorough experience it has acquired in the beauty and jewelry industry through its offices across the Middle East and Africa. JWT has created many outstanding advertising campaigns for a number of well-known jewelry brands, in addition to a range of beauty products. Similarly, Starcom was chosen because it’s a leading media company in the Middle East and North African with a record of extremely effective media campaigns.

Chidiac added: “In addition to gold and diamond jewelry, the company has all the capabilities to offer gold refining services. L’azurde is the only company in the Middle East and North Africa to carry the LBMA certification. L’azurde was also ranked as the fourth largest gold and jewelry manufacturer in the world by the World Gold Council and GFMS

In 2011, L’azurde’s strategy as the first to set up exhibitions and shows in various cities across the region proved to be a great success. The company portrayed its leadership in the jewelry fashion world through displaying magnificent collections. This helped strengthen relationships with its clients and authorized distributors who enjoyed exhibiting exclusive creations of premium international quality, and, in turn, positioned L’azurde as a true leader and a unique brand that maintains its credibility and transparency.

L’azurde is always one step ahead, moving towards a new age of leading the jewelry industry by further elevating its image. New marketing strategies and innovative designs will win the hearts and minds of consumers. This will be achieved through advertising campaigns that endorse close communication with clients, enabling L’azurde to experience further growth, increase its market share, reinforce relationships with its clientele, and greatly expand its customer base.