L’Azurde’s new 2015 collection sparkles in Kuwait 27 February 2015

Kuwait, February 2015:

L’Azurde, the leading diamond and gold jeweler, showcased their new 2015 jewelry collection at the Marina Hotel in Kuwait. The company invited their biggest clients along with important partners and gold distributers and showed them the latest directions and strategies in the world’s gold market.

The event showcased L’Azurde’s ability to meet the aspirations of Kuwaiti women in particular and Arab women in general, with the sophisticated and spectacular designs for which L’Azurde is known. The company also highlighted the L’Azurde range of collections: Diva, Dentelle, Fashion, Symphony, and Shine. Lebanese superstar Elissa, who was appointed as L’Azurde’s brand ambassador last year, will feature in promotional campaigns for the collections.

L’Azurde also took the opportunity to honor Mr. Ali Al Thalji, the brand’s major distributor in Kuwait, at a special ceremony held on the sidelines of the exhibition. Mr. Ayman Al Haffar, the Executive General Manager of L’Azurde, expressed his appreciation for the efforts made by L’Azurde’s partners and their role in enhancing the status of the company’s brand in the G.C.C markets.

“As we launch the latest of our collections to meet the tastes of the Kuwaiti market, we take the opportunity to recognize our partners for the central role they have played in supporting and enhancing the status of the company’s brand and helping L’Azurde’s collections expand across local and international markets,” said Mr. Ayman Al Haffar. “We at L’Azurde are proud of what has been achieved in the Kuwaiti market. With such partners, I am confident in our ability to continue this success in the future.

“The exhibition was a great success and received positive feedback from Kuwaiti partners and customers.

Al Haffar added, “Once again, at L’Azurde, we have proved our leadership in the production of gold and jewelry not only on a local level but across the region. This exhibition highlights the latest designs that keep pace with international fashion while retaining a classic feel to show the femininity of the Arab woman and her integration with jewelry.”