“L’Azurde”: Training course conducted for Saudi sales staff in jewelry appraisal techniques 25 May 2013

Al Riyadh, May 25, 2013: With an ongoing strategy fixed to develop competencies for Saudi employee, “L’azurde” the leading gold and diamond group had had an intensive training for Saudi showroom managers and retail sales men in order to develop their skills in the field of selling jewelry. The training also aimed to raise their skills to explain the four elements of the diamonds: Cut, Clarity, Color & Carat weight, in which L’azurde had added a fifth element: Customer confidence. Thus these elements affect the quality and price of diamonds collections and their relevance to of customers’ needs. The course was based on fine-tuning the skills of sales staff in the field of selling gold and gems through excellence by combining session of theoretical training and practical application.

L’Azurde Bearing a top priority by providing training and development for Saudi staff, substrate essential for the implementation of management development and organizational and achieve the objectives of the group’s plans methodology has been developed by a number of consultants in the field of strategic planning Integrative that pursued by the group, which includes support and promote projects and programs of internal and external training and on job training, in order to develop a culture of sales and entrench the culture of work and create opportunities for Saudi youth to provide them with a decent life.

The group also seeks always to pay attention to human resources, in order to raise their efficiency and increase their effectiveness in productivity, and equip them with the skills and experience that will help them do their jobs effectively, as well as rehabilitation to withstand the pressures of work.

Mr. Saud Al Harthi, one of L’Azurde showroom mangers explained why this training course is so important said: “Training have an effective and significant role to the development of individuals, also has a role in the behavior modification and trends, so as derived by the individual of information and ideas make him change his behavior for the better and thus realized the capabilities and skills effectively in the use of concepts and methods in certain situations.

Whether these skills are technical, such as explanation for the client the importance of the four elements of the diamonds or intellectual, behavioral, such as the ability to handle as a professional with different types of customers and their needs, also these courses touts style knowledge transfer from the seller to the customer by raising the culture of the client towards the precious diamond and how to know the distinction between the stones and then the ability to choose what he or she wants”.

The participants in this session thanks and appreciation the management for their interest in such courses, also praised the tireless efforts undertaken by the training and development department in this aspect, in order to support the scientific and practical side.