L’azurde to mark Mother’s Day with tangible affection 19 March 2013

Al Riyadh March 19, 2013: A mother in every person’s life is the compassion, the warm embrace, and love-giving heart that gives but never takes; she works tirelessly always having her children’s best interest at heart. My mother is all that and more, she is the jewel of my life and I wanted to show her that. This year she will receive a special golden gift from L’azurde, specifically from “Symphony collection” which is designed just for a special occasion such as this. The collection includes a diversity of 18 carat golden earrings, necklaces and rings to indulge my mother with symphonies of beauty and sweet memories.

For this special occasion, Mrs. Marwa Saleh, Director of Marketing, said “when the word ‘mother’ comes to mind, every and each one feels its greatness and warmth, and everyone races to find the best said words and a gift of love for a mother who spent her life working to provide happiness to whom she loves. Everyone this year is eagerly awaiting the 21st of March as if this day is the most important of our holidays.”

L’azurde sustains its mission to constantly redefine and advance in the jewelry industry. This is achieved by bringing together a wealth of know-how, a heritage of creativity, an impeccable sense of originality and, most importantly, a true understanding of every woman’s need for distinctiveness. Producing more than 3,000 different jewelry models every year, L’azurde is proud to be one of the few manufacturers operating in 21-karat and 18-karat gold and diamond jewelry. Its award-winning designers and model-makers are at the heart of what L’azurde does. Because L’azurde believes jewelry is more than just a status symbol, it designs original classical and contemporary jewelry for every moment in a women’s life, creating a signature style that offers elegance and uniqueness for every occasion. L’azurde has successfully climbed to the summit of beauty and glamour throughout a journey of more than 30 years.