L’azurde launches 2nd Lady Fozaza-designed “Dream Collection” 17 February 2016

Riyadh, KSA; February, 2016: L’azurde, the largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East, announced the launch of its new “Dream Collection”, created by the eminent Saudi designer Al-Anoud Bader, better known as “Lady Fozaza”. Inspired by nature, the new collection seeks to highlight women’s beauty and strength, and their ability to drive change, inspire success and make a statement.

Two of the most striking creatures from the animal kingdom the deer and the elephant, , are the thematic inspiration for the collection as they exemplify beauty and power. In this collection, the “Deer” represents beauty, sensitivity, and gentleness. They live in a group of hundreds and support each other facing the danger of wilderness and predators. While “Elephants are powerful, strong, and independent. They live in groups and share with each other the joy of teamwork and sharing. The collection calls women to “Join the Tribe” no matter which qualities they associate themselves with more.

Lady Fozaza believes that every woman in this world, no matter where she comes from, has her own unique qualities, characteristics and individuality that makes her special. It is her belief that women should cherish living selflessly, giving wholeheartedly and promoting their own brand of power and beauty to the world to achieve their goals in life. Women should believe in the power of diversity as well as the power in unity.

Women are the real inspiration behind the new “Dream Collection” for L’azurde, and this provided the concept and motivation for Al-Anoud Bader to choose two beautiful, strong, powerful, yet distinctive, icons from nature. Both deer and elephants are herd animals and, although they come from different environments, they share the passion of team work, beauty, love and loyalty to their own species.

Al-Anoud Bader, expressed her happiness with the new L’azurde collection, as she said: “The huge success of the original collection and the amazing feedback we received from all women provided significant inspiration behind the concept and theme for this year’s jewelry design. The ‘Dream Collection’ is a simple message for all the strong women in this world, and especially in the Middle East. “Join the Tribe” seeks to unite Arab women in order to demonstrate that they are strong, caring and advocate endless love, just like every deer and every elephant in nature represents beauty, power and patience.