L’azurde Jewellery reflects your personality 30 March 2013

Al Riyadh 30 March 2013:Even though, every woman has her own personality and lifestyle, they all agreeon their passion for jewelry;asit addsto thema touch of elegance that is key to her appearance.And because each jewelry design is unique to the bearer of it, Eve has always been receiving great care in choosing the jewelry she wishes to purchase, as well aschoosing the design that matches hertaste, and alsoreflects her mood together with the beauty of her features.

A wise man once said: “The secret of a woman’sbeautyliesin her eyes”. Therefore, experts’ advice women to wearcolored jewelry to highlight what they were blessed with; their beauty. Also, rings are an essential element in a woman’s kingdom of “beauty-tools”;as it isadvisedtoweardelicate rings for delicatehands, while refraining from themin the opposite situations, becausetheywill give an impression of bigger fingers than the actual hand size. Choosing the right earrings is also important because they are extremely visible, therefore when buying earrings it is essential that you consider the shape of one’s face and the cloth they will be worn with. For example, the longdangleearrings are suitable for round faces,while the short round ones are fitting for long face Of course, any woman’s jewelry box is not considered “whole” without the bracelets; as it is advised not to wear one when wearing long sleeve dresses or sweaters. However, they would be perfect .forshorter sleeves

It is useful to know howjewelry designs reflect Eve’s personality.Classical jewelry on handsgives the impression that their owner is a woman who doesn’t settle for less than perfection, and looks for achallengeeverywhere she goes, and thatshe has the ability tocapture all who are around her and receive the desired attention by every woman. She would bestrong but her femininity overwhelms that strength. On the other hand, luxury jewelry gives a woman the appearance of a princess in one of the dreamy legendary tales; she shines with magic in her jewelry not to draw attention heroin in a fairy-tale, through appreciating the true value of what she is wearing. Last but not least Delicate and fine jewelry have a specialeffect in their own;the jewelry box that is full of simpleand finepieces shows that its owner is an elegant person with class who wishes to create theirown world that is far from complications.

L’azurde,in the world of Gold and Diamond industry, has always been concerned about Eve’s beauty.Mrs. Marwa Saleh, L’azurde’s Marketing Director, confirmsL’azurde designers’ interest in making their designs reflect women’s personalities by saying: “L’azurde takes care of the finest details, always seeking to fulfill women’s needs in all occasions. And through our marketing research, we develop our products by noticingthe different needs of women.