L’azurde Co. invites its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary general assembly Meeting 16 November 2017

L’azurde Co. invites its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary general assembly Meeting The Board of Directors of L’azurde for Jewelry Company (Saudi Joint Stock Company) is pleased to invite its shareholders to attend the Company’s First Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (‘the first Meeting’) to be held at 6:30 p.m. on the 22nd of November 2016 (22/02/1438H) at the Company headquarter in Riyadh, 2nd industrial Area – Street 198 to vote on the following Agenda:

  1. To vote on the amendments of Company’s bylaws to consistent with the new companies law and model (4) issued by Ministerial Decree No. (18379) dated 01/06/1437 H (as attached).
  2. Vote on the rules and conditions for membership of the Board of Directors.
  3. Vote on the election of the third independent member of the Board of Directors among the candidates who have submitted their papers (as attached).
  4. To vote on the set-up, the duties and the internal regulations of the Audit Committee as well as on the annual remuneration of its members for session that ends on 25 April 2018. Note that the candidates are as follows:
    1. Mr. Wassim Mohammed Assim Al Khatib, Director;
    2. Mr. Brian Dickie, Director;
    3. Mr. Yasser Fiasl Yahya EL Sherif an, a Non – Director and a specialist in finance and accounting;
    4. The independent member who will be elected among candidates as per item 3.
  5. Vote on the updated version of internal corporate governance manual to consistent with the new companies.
  6. Vote on the company right to establish alone a limited liability or closed joint stock companies provided that the capital is not less than (5) million Riyals. The Company may have an interest in, or participate in any manner with, other organizations or companies which perform activities similar to those it undertakes or which may help it to realize its objective. The Company may also own shares in such companies and other existing companies, may merge with, be taken over by, or purchase such companies. It may also participate with others in establishing joint stock companies or limited liability companies after fulfilling the requirements of the applicable laws and directives. The Company may dispose of such stocks or shares provided that it does not engage in brokering the trading of such.
  7. Vote on giving the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the Chief Executive Officer the power to establish branches, offices or agencies for the Company within or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors. As per the article no. 5 of updated bylaws.
  8. Vote on the powers granted to the Board of Directors in accordance with Article Nineteen of the updated company’s bylaws (as attached).

Every Shareholder shall have the right to attend the Meeting and has the right to authorize other person in terms of the authorized person who represents the shareholder shall not be a member of the Board of Directors, an employee of the Company or a person who is assigned to do a permanent administrative/technical works for the Company.

All attendees should present their ID, including CR if the shareholder is a legal person. In case of authorizing another person by proxy, the proxy held by the authorized person shall be legalized by any Chamber of Commerce, or any bank. The proxies should be sent to the Company by Fax on 011/2656060 or by email to [email protected] or brought the original to the meeting. The shareholders are requested to arrive an hour prior to the start of the Meeting in order to complete all necessary formalities of the Meeting.

For any inquire please contact Investor Relations at: P: +966 11 2651119 Extension (818) The quorum of the Meeting is 51% of the shareholders present.

Important Note:
Please attach a photo copy of ID card and commercial register of the companies with the power of attorney (according to attached Form) before the date of the Assembly with the need to bring the power of attorney when the attendees of the meeting.