Lady Fozaza Reunites with L’azurde For New Diamond Collection 12 November 2015

Riyadh, KSA; November 12, 2015: L’azurde, the largest gold and jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor in the Middle East, today announced the renewal of its partnership with the Saudi designer Al-Anoud Bader, “Lady Fozaza”, to create a new diamond collection targeting the modern woman, through its simplicity, creativity and elegance.

This decision and announcement follows the monumental success and widespread impact achieved by last year’s Lady Fozaza “Dream Collection”, both in Saudi Arabia and amongst women across the GCC. A core aim of L’azurde is to source and produce excellence, both in the quality of its materials and the talent of its designers. L’azurde’s partnership with the preeminent Saudi designer, Al-Anoud Bader, and her Lady Fozaza brand, to design a stunning new range of jewelry, provides an unrivaled collaboration and unique jewelry that reflects the creativity and originality of Arabian women.  The new collection is expected to hit the market by the end of this month.

Commenting on the occasion, the CEO of L’azurde, Sélim Chidiac, added: “We believe that our partnership with the superlative Saudi designer, Al-Anoud Bader, will build upon the unrivaled success of our previous collaboration, the “Dream Collection”. By combining L’azurde’s experience with Lady Fozaza’s creativity, we were able to understand and fulfill the aspirations of the modern Arabian woman. Through our new partnership with Lady Fozaza, we aim to present progressive and desirable diamond designs which broaden our consumer base while still providing customers with the best quality jewelry.”

The Saudi designer, Al-Anoud Bader, expressed her happiness with renewing her collaboration with L’azurde as she said: “The huge success of the “Dream Collection”, and the amazing feedback we received from Arabian women, was a strong incentive to always aim for the pinnacle in my L’azurde designs. The rare collaborative environment which can foster true creativity are evident in my partnership with L’azurde. In working together, I was able to reach and understand what Arabian women need and precisely what they are looking for in their jewelry designs. In my new diamond collection from L’azurde, we were able to emphasize the features confident Arabian women desire in their daily jewelry.”