Cyrine Abdelnour Shines with “L’azurde” Jewelry in her New TV Clip “Habaibi” 08 May 2013

Al Riyadh May 6, 2013: Cyrine Abdelnour, the famous Lebanese super star, chose to glamour with none other than L’azurde jewelry in her video clip “Habaibi”, which will be broadcasted on television soon. The video clip, which was shot in Santorini Greece by director Angie Al Jammal, tells a story full of romance, happiness, and magical scenes of Cyrine Abdelnour wearing the wedding dress. Because the glamour of the wedding dress is never complete without the Jewelry that reflects the beauty and elegance of the bride, Cyrine Abdelnour chose to wear L’azurde jewelry during the filming of the song, as she wore gold from the “symphony” and ‘Dantel” collections along with various pieces of diamond from L’azurde.

Cyrine spoke about her choice of L’azurde’s jewelry by saying,” As an artist I always seek to have the sophisticated, elegant and perfect appearance, I also always search for uniqueness in the jewelry that I wear. That is why I feel satisfied wearing L’azurde designs which reflects my personality and femininity, and interacts with my features at all time and in all occasions”.

Marwa Saleh, L’azurde Director of Marketing, expressed how happy she is of Cyrine’s choice and trust in L’azurde by saying,” Cyrine is not just a beautiful face; she is a role model as an artist, a wife, a mother, and a lady of society. Maybe being one of the “hundred strongest women in the Arab world” is the reason that made us cooperate with Cyrine without any hesitation”.

What is also worth mentioning is that L’azurde designs are not limited to weddings jewelry, but exceeds them to meet the needs of every Arab woman in her daily, special, and formal look taken from the classical, luxurious, and delicate designs that reflects the personality of a woman who does not except less than perfection and seeks to challenge everywhere.